Deathmatch Tips - Tip 1

March 31, 2014

Below are few tips to help you out in TDM's, DM's, Captures and any battle for that matter.


This is part one of of a series, so come back for some more!

Tip 1: Using the Right Weapon


Your guns are separated into classes for a reason. Utilize these reasons!


Sub-Machine/Personal Defence weapons (NOT MGs) are much better for close range killing. Assault rifles are much better for medium-ranged combat and just beyond the "Lock-on" distance.


MGs are excellent in medium to long-ranged combat since they deal the most damage any automatic weapon can from that distance.


The AP pistol is great for players on lower levels who still need that kick in their arsenal. If you've reached the required level for this gun, stick to this gun or the AK-47 until you unlock the M4.


Shotguns are, of course, for close range combat situations. You can also use shotguns to suppress a large amount of players in one area.


When using auto aim and once locked onto your target, tap up to go to free aim in order to get a head shot – 1 bullet will saves money as apposed to shooting five into any body armour.


Heavy weapons are for heavy resistance. Since these guns and their ammunition are very pricey, ($50,000 for a mini-gun before ammo) it’s best to leave them to the side unless the situation becomes dire.


Grenades are perhaps one of the most underutilized weapons in the game. If you see someone’s head or arm poking out, or see their name tag, throw a quick grenade their way. They will love you for it.


Stickies come in handy for planting traps – find a good location and plant a few stickies, find some cover and shoot a loud weapon to get your opponents attention – when they all come for you, detonate your stickies and get out of dodge!


Out of every Melee weapon, I’d recommend the Baseball bat, the crowbar and the nightstick. The bat can be a 1-2 hit kill if used correctly and keeps you at a further distance as apposed to using a knife. You can kill with one well placed stab, but you have to be quick and precise.


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