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A brief history of our organized crime syndicate.


Crew Creation

In preparation for the GTA Online Heists DLC, the Evil Crime Syndicate was established in March 2014.


It's founding members have moved away from the old school methodology of managing crew - we dont manage our crew, we lead our crew and its members in order to reach greatness!

Our Fearless Leader

The syndicate is lead by our fearless supreme leader, Rerun_Shoota.


Rerun is an honest and fair leader and knows his way around a head shot, so dont get on his bad side. :P




Initially starting out on PS3, the Evil Crime Syndicate soon branched out to include XBox members, and due to the popularity, a dedicated XBox crew was created.


With the release of GTA V on PS4 and XBox One, the Evil Crime Syndicate prepared itself to ensure we were ready for the move. We are going strong with the new platforms.


WARS also have its own dedicated PC crew.

Our Vision

Have Fun

Part of our vision is to set ourselves apart from most other crews, however our main vision is to have, a syndicate where all members have a say and we all agree to have fun and be friendly.


We don't care for political or religious views or opinions on how anyone wishes to lead their life - it's your life and you can live it how you want, no questions asked.


Our members and alliance crews and members are here to have fun, have a laugh and not take things to serious or personal.


Our alliance crews are also our most trusted members - all Evil Crime Syndicate members can ask for membership with an alliance crew, and any members of our alliance crews can also be members of the Evil Crime Syndicate.


When any alliance crew needs your help, their leader can reach out to you and ask for assistance.


We allow our members to move between crews (changing your active crew) when needed or requested.


Our allegiance is strong, the force is with everyone and we are moving forward in alliance to take over Los Santos and Blaine County!


Featured on Rockstar Social Club only a month after being created shows the true skill, power, influence and dedication we have in order to complete our evil plans.


Phase one of our evil plan is complete, now onto phase two.... Mwahahahaha!



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Lock away your valuables, hold tightly onto your purse, keep your eyes open as the Evil Crime Syndicate is watching. We can strike at any moment, so beware!


Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war!


Rockstar featured crew intent on world domination.

Our Master Plan

We are currently seeking active players from all platforms to join the syndicate and become and evil minion.


If you are respectful, funny, quirky, proud, courageous and like to live life to the fullest and have fun, join us!


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