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WARS Crew TDM Event

Team Deathmatch Online Event

May 31 - 18:30 AEST (GMT+10)

This weekend we will be holding a crew TDM session.


The playlists will consist of 3 sixteen player maps.


Photos will be taken of the results and posted to the website/FB page.


We will be looking for as many WARS members to play as possible, and this is not to see who the best 'gun' is, more to see who works best in teams, etc.


The session will start on Saturday Night 6pm AEST (GMT+10) and will run for as long as possible to allow as many members to participate.


Matches will be 10 minutes long, no kill limit, 2 matches with owned and pickup, the third will be forced, opponent id and health will be off.


This is for fun and so we can start to see what you guys play like and to start looking at putting small units together.




  1. Getaway, Quarry, Biolab

  2. Governmental, Power Play, Concrete

  3. Vespucci Shoreline, Sandy Shores, Area 53

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