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The Los Santos Golf Club is the one place wealthy men know they can get away from their wives, because they're not allowed to play. Women might have won the vote in 1920, but they're still not allowed on the course in Richman.


Located on West Eclipse Blv, Ricman, Los Santos County


Los Santos Golf Club

Golfing Event Details

Before the Match

Before the Match BE ON TIME! Arrive at least 20 minutes before your tee time. If you get there 45 minutes early you’ll have time to hit some balls on the driving range, and practice your putting. Practice before the match – not on the course. Sometimes there’s even some wagering to be negotiated! Order of play Usually on the first hole the player with the lowest handicap tees off first. After leaving the tee, the person whose ball is farthest from the green plays next. On subsequent holes the player who won the previous hole gets the honor of teeing off first.

Dress Code

Golf clothes are often bright and colorful, but you don’t need to wear all the colors at the same time! Colors are like kids and employees. Some work together, and get along just fine; others always fight. Choose one bright color and pair with neutrals (tan, black, white). Maybe the first time you play with your boss a classic combination of brown or blue with khaki would be a wise choice. And only one plaid (or patterned) element in your attire, please!



A golf shirt with a collar. Unsure of what constitutes acceptable clothing for a game of golf? Stick to a Polo Shirt.Shorts are OK, but they must be designed for golf; not gym shorts, cargo shorts or cut-offs. They should be no shorter than just above your knees.



Wear proper golf shoes – not running shoes or sandals! Bring a pair of street shoes. You may be having lunch or a drink in the clubhouse afterwards. Change into your golf shoes in the locker room, not at your car in the parking lot.



Hats are a good idea. They help keep the sun off your face, and may improve your vision. Either flat caps or straw golf hats are appropriate.If you’re playing in cooler weather (like most 6 am tee times!) a golf sweater, vest, or sports jacket is practical.

Quiet, Please!

When you’re on the greens or the teeing ground think library. (Quiet!) Don’t talk when another golfer is preparing to hit. Keep your voice down during play, since fairways are often close to each other. And absolutely no cell phones or beepers!


  1. Make sure no one gets hit by a ball, a club or a cart.

  2. Wait until the players ahead of you are out of range before hitting.

  3. Yell “fore” loudly if your shot has a potential of hitting any other players.

Have fun

Have fun while playing.


The winners will hold bragging rights - that is until the next event - in addition to a $10.00 psn card each.

Events Disclosure

Please take note: This is not an Rockstar Official Event. It’s something that the Evil Crime Syndicate has put together to compete and have fun. For bragging rights only.

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Prize Pool

WARS T-shirt! wtf
WARS Magnets

WTF! There's a prize pool, like real prizes! Yes, we treat our syndicate well.

We have magnets to give away to 10 lucky people, and the grand prize is your very own WARS T-Shirt - thats BOSS!

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