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WARS Team Deathmatch | World Tournament



Our first Tournament is now open for registration. Please register your CREW below.


Official date to be decided.

WARS TDM Event Details

Start Time

All matches start when all team members are online with their opponants.


  • All Weapons, Calling Lester and Merryweather is allowed.

  • No cheating such as god mode.

  • All maps to be submitted prior. Created maps allowed.

  • Players: 8 vs 8

  • Time Limit: 10 minutes

  • Kill Limit: OFF


The winners will hold bragging rights - that is until the next event - in addition to a $10.00 psn card each.

Have fun

Have fun while playing.

Events Disclosure

Please take note: This is not an Rockstar Official Event. It’s something that the Evil Crime Syndicate has put together to compete and have fun. For bragging rights only.

Setting up the matches

Each Round is the best two out of three wins.


The first team with 2 wins moves to the next round.


Once all parties are ready and you are all in the same session, the map may be loaded up and the players in the session are invited.


The losing team as a result of the first match then has the power to defend their honour by loading up their map. 


Reported wins to be notifed on the WARS Facebook Page.

Moving to the next round

Once a round has ended and all the winners of that round are decided, they will be paired up with a new team in order to determine the winners of the next round.


This will obviously continue until we have two remaining teams who will battle it out for the ultimate win.

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Event Enquiries

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