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To join the Evil Crime Syndicate, please ensure you have read, understood and agree to the Ciminal Guidelines.


We are looking for genuine, quirky, unique, fun and sorted players to have a laugh with.


A minions guide

We'd prefer that all of the Evil Crime Syndicate’s minions are on the same page, so here are a few guidelines to take note of.


Power to Invite

Any member can invite another player into the crew, however just with any other referral system, it is your job to ensure they understand what the Evil Crime Sydicate stands for.


Your referral may reflect poorly on you, so be sure you are inviting the right people.

Refering Potential Minions

If you believe someone could be a candidate, but you havent had the opportunity to invite them, refer them to our website.

New Members

We would prefer your active crew to be 'WARS' or one of our allies tags... 


If we see an unfamiliar tag and one of our minions isn't familiar with you, they may kill you (by accident).


Prolonged time repping another crew may result in you being kicked or demoted.


If you want to be here, we want you here 100%.


Linked Account

Make sure your PSN or XBox gamer tag is linked. This ensures that no trolls join the crew killing our members - not having your account linked may result in being kicked.


Visit and ensure visibility is on crew and friends.


Click here for more details and instructions.

Active Crew

As mentioned, it’s preferred if you have WARS as your active crew. By doing so gives you the chance to earn extra RP, higher cash payouts and invites to crew events and online activities.

Enemy Crews

If you are a member of an official enemy crew, we may ask you to make a decision, however it depends on the severity of the war we are waging with an enemy. A friendly war is all in good fun – however when it becomes personal it gets serious, but we hope it will never come to that.

Dormant Minions

Only when our numbers reach capacity will we review the list of minions to see if you are dormant or active.


Dormant minions may need to move on to find their place elsewhere.



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Criminal Guide

Below are a few guidlines for our members to follow.

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